Monday Proverbs

Here is a summation of Proverbs, chapter 13 in my own words.  May the Spirit of the LORD grant each of us the wisdom we need to honor Him and fulfill His plan each day.

Chapter 13:

  • You cannot grown in wisdom and maturity if you don’t listen to your elders.


  • Think before you speak, you will be a much happier person.


  • A lazy person is always dreaming, but never accomplishing.


  • Diligence, Determination and Discipline are the bedrock for the fulfilled dreams.


  • Putting forth the diligence necessary to accomplish your dreams will make you feel alive.


  • Your integrity is protected by the conviction to do what is right, every time, all the time.


  • Being rich has less to do with the amount of your possession and more with the attitude you have about your possessions.


  • God always notices when you stand for what is right.


  • Listening to good advice will save you from a lot of heartache later.


  • Surround yourself with people who are holier than you, wiser than you and more accomplished than you.  They will inspire you to go farther.


  • It is our responsibility to invest in our future, and that of the next generation.

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