Monday Proverbs

Monday Proverbs; Wisdom for the Start of Your Week:

I love the book of Proverbs in the Bible.  A proverb is a wise saying and God has plenty of wisdom to pass on to us if we will take the time to listen, comprehend and apply.

Here is a list I jotted down this morning while reading Proverbs chapters 11 and 12.  This is simply the random thoughts that came to life in my soul as I read these verses of wisdom and I restated them in my own words.  I hope they speak to you as much as they have me today.

Chapter 11:

  • Fairness to others finds favor with God.
  • Humility is blessed with wisdom.
  • Integrity guides.
  • Righteousness delivers from death.
  • Righteousness makes your path straight, delivers from evils, rescues and grants you knowledge.
  • The city rejoices when the righteous prosper.
  • Gossip betrays confidence, a person who can keep a secret can be trusted.
  • Victory is found in having many advisers speaking truth into your life.
  • Sow righteousness —–you will reap rewards.
  • The righteous are free.
  • Give and it will be given to you.
  • The wisest people in life are those who win souls for eternity.
  • Live with eternity in mind!


Chapter 12:

  • If you desire knowledge, you must embrace discipline.
  • A husband glows in the presence of a good wife.
  • The house of the righteous will stand firm against all storms.
  • Even then animals know a righteous person, it is displayed in their actions.
  • If you want a harvest, you must work…work hard…work your gifts/talents…work where you are planted.
  • Watch what you say, your words can trap you.
  • A fool thinks he has all the answers…the wise listens to advice.
  • A quick tongue pierces hearts and minds, but wise words bring healing.
  • You have the power to cheer up a soul…simply by speaking a kind word.


Don’t just take my word on it.  Read Proverbs 11 and 12 and let the Holy Spirit speak His wisdom to your heart.
Have a great week!

One thought on “Monday Proverbs

  1. I love Proverbs this is very very encouraging , I always try to leave a kind word with some of my passengers especially if they’re going through a difficult time
    Thank you for sharing


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