Dr. Chris Vaught is a gifted pastor, speaker, aspiring author, and most importantly, a husband and father. He serves as the lead pastor of Connection Point Church in Jackson, MO where he preaches the Word of God with conviction and passion. He sensed God’s call to ministry upon his life as a teenager and began pastoring at age 18. Pastor Chris enjoys preaching at conferences, leading seminars, and mentoring other ministers. His loves in life are God, his family, church, good coffee and the New York Yankees. His website, chrisvaught.net includes a weekly blog, podcast, sermons and more.

Learn more about Connection Point Church here.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. pastor Chris is an amazing preacher who has a heart for ministry and leads with conviction for the power of God’s Word.


  2. The moment Pastor Chris arrived from Kentucky to take the lead pastor position at Connection Pount Church , I knew then our church would leap forward in growth ; both in attendance and spirituality
    He is knowledgeable in the word and in the background of the scripture. He is intent on bringing the word of God To us in a way that we understand and can go forward with it, Sharing that knowledge that we have obtained with others


  3. Pastor Chris is not just a pastor, he is a brother, mentor, and a friend. I have learned a lot from him and will continue to learn more and more. I am very happy to have met him through CPC and look forward to hearing more messages from him.
    Thanks Chris


  4. I first met Brother Chris when he was the pastor at CoolSprings church in Morgantown. I worked with one of the deacons and knew a lot of people from the church. Despite never hearing him preach in person while in Ky, I had no doubt about his calling. Whenever i would face an obstacle in life, or in my home church, i would always ask Brother Chris. He never told me what pastor Chris thought, but instead used scripture to point me in the right direction. I’ve never forgotten that.
    I visited Connection Pointe at the previous location and was not disappointed. The most loving and friendly church I’d ever been to. I’m planning on getting back out there someday soon.


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